A Quick Review on Nicepage


Nicepage provides more than 3,500 responsive templates for us to download. The template library is divided into three parts: HTML, WordPress and Joomla. The design of each category is basically the same, but it is important to choose the right format for your website.

In each section, the templates are divided into 19 categories, including business and law, food and restaurants, real estate, weddings, etc.

Either we buy the software one time from Nicepage and install it on your computer, or register to subscribe to the online generator. Only the second option includes website hosting. After building a website with desktop software, you can export it to HTML code, WordPress or Joomla format.

The template is constructed as a one-page independent website. You can add more pages to your website, but you need to modify the main template or use another template. If your goal is to create a single website quickly, then this can be a solution. Otherwise, you need to reformat the entire template to fit other pages, such as a blog or “About Us” page.

Overall, Nicepage has a large selection of website templates. However, due to the lack of other pages in the template, creating a website with multiple pages is more challenging.